Who’s liable in a personal injury car crash case?

One of the most crucial elements when considering a personal injury case and a potential settlement is proving liability. That’s to say; who’s guilty of causing the injury? Sometimes this is clear. If a car is driving on the wrong side of the road then the liability would most likely fall on that driver. Some accidents though require a thorough investigation of the facts and a deep understanding of the law in order to reach a settlement. 

Sometimes this is what causes some people to not want to contact a personal injury attorney, like those at Joudeh & Kuller LLP. Some people who are involved in an accident believe that dealing with the insurance companies and the justice system might not be worth it. They think that they’re at fault for an accident and the initial settlement offered by the insurance company will be enough. 

Our firm works directly with clients who have been affected by car, truck, and motorcycle accidents as well as those affected by construction accidents on the job or unsafe premises accidents. We’ve worked hard to award millions of rightly deserved dollars to clients throughout New York after they’ve suffered serious injuries.

Our Recent $1,700,000 car accident settlement 

Our firm is proud to announce that we were able to get our client a 1.7 million dollar settlement. Our client was injured driving in Staten Island on Dec. 11, 2020. Our client, a junior mechanic, was at an intersection when a tractor-trailer collided against the front of our client’s sedan. This caused the wheel of the tractor-trailer to drag the sedan several feet. 

Our client went to an urgent care facility the same day as the accident and sought care for the pain and injuries he was inflicted. This included injuries to his spine (several herniated discs), his shoulders, and his knees. Over the next 2 years, our client had undergone multiple medical procedures to address the pain and injuries he received. This has included knee surgery, neck surgery, and a medical procedure for his herniated disc. Doctors also believe he will require surgery to address injuries in other body parts. 

What Joudeh & Kuller fought for:

Our client sought to recover damages for future and past medical expenses, loss of earnings, and damages for his pain and suffering. There’s a possibility that our client will not be able to work to his expected capacity again because of his injuries. His profession required him to be working in client homes on his hands, knees, and back, all of which received major injuries. 

Our litigation efforts resulted in the defendant’s insurance paying out $1 million with an additional 700,000 dollars for a total of a 1.7 million dollar settlement. This was a hard-fought win for our client.

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