How do you know if you’ve got a premises liability case?

Most people consider personal injury cases to normally consist of car accidents and the like. However, many folks are injured every year in what’s considered premises liability cases. What is a premises liability case? This is a type of personal injury case that occurs when someone’s unsafe or defective property causes an injury. This includes cases that revolve around a slip, fall, or trip. It can also include cases related to dog bites, snow accidents, and pipe or water leaks. 

Not a lot of people know about premises liability laws or what situations might cause these types of cases. Some people are injured and sustain serious injuries due to a property owner or manager’s negligence. 

Our firm works directly with clients who have been affected by premises liability, slip, and fall cases. We also work directly with clients who suffer from others’ negligence on the road in cases related to car and truck accidents. We’ve worked hard to award millions of rightly deserved dollars to clients throughout New York after they’ve suffered serious injuries.

We got our client 1.5 Million in their premises liability case

We have recently been able to reach a 1.5 million settlement for our client after she suffered a serious injury due to an unmaintained step in her apartment complex.

In March of 2018 our client, a senior citizen, and retiree was injured while walking up an interior walkway in her Manhattan public-housing apartment. This caused an injury to her wrist. New York City’s Housing Authority is responsible for the maintenance of these buildings. 

Later in the month of March of the same year, our client was injured even more severely as she attempted to climb up the same staircase. Our client sued the housing authority for negligence in properly maintaining the staircase which she claimed had multiple faulty features. 

What Joudeh & Kuller fought for:

Our client suffered serious injuries to her entire spinal section. After her fall she was rushed to the hospital where she remained for 2 days. She spent the following two years receiving surgery and physical therapy for the injuries she sustained from this fall. This included 2 back to back spinal surgeries.

Our client will also need to continue seeing physical therapists and medical specialists in the future. She sued to recover damages for past and future treatment as well as emotional pain and suffering. 

Our litigation efforts resulted in the defendant’s insurance paying out $1 million with an additional 500,000 dollars for a total of a 1.5 million dollar settlement. Without this settlement, our client will likely not be able to afford the care and therapy she needs to maintain her standard of living. This case goes to show that no matter your age, occupation, or who your property owner is, you have rights you can and should defend. Don’t let someone’s negligence cause you to suffer.

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