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How we got our client $400k for her injuries

A property owner’s negligence can be held liable when a dangerous condition on their property causes harm to an individual. This type of personal injury case, which includes dangerous conditions on a property, encompasses a wide range of potential hazards, such as falling debris from a roof, nails left on the property after construction, poorly […]

Ramy Joudeh and Brett Kuller win $850,000 settlement for victim of an intersection car crash

Even minor car crashes, such as low-speed collisions or fender benders, can cause serious injuries. Being in a car is not exactly natural for people. Due to the forces involved in a car crash, a collision at even a low speed can cause significant damage. Common injuries from minor car crashes include whiplash, back and […]

Ramy Joudeh and Brett Kuller secure $1.5 Million settlement for Brooklyn pedestrian

Pedestrian Accident Leads to Million Dollar Settlement for Client Pedestrian accidents are a serious issue in New York City, where the population density and heavy traffic can make walking a dangerous activity. According to data from the New York City Department of Transportation, there were over 15,000 pedestrian injuries and over 220 deaths due to […]