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New York Ridesharing Accident Lawyers

Ridesharing services have transformed the way we get around cities. With the tap of a button on a smartphone app, you can get a ride and quickly reach your destination. The convenience is undeniable, but what happens when the ride takes an unexpected turn, leading to an accident?  Ridesharing drivers aren’t professional chauffeurs; they’re everyday […]

Common Medical Errors That Lead to Medical Malpractice Cases

Every year, thousands of individuals in the United States suffer due to medical errors, resulting in pain, suffering, and sometimes even death. According to the Journal of Patient Safety, up to 440,000 deaths occur every year due to medical errors, injuries, accidents, and infections. That’s approximately 1,200 fatalities every single day. Medical malpractice is a […]

How Personal Injury Settlements Are Paid in New York

For anyone who’s been through a personal injury, the questions often linger: “How much will I receive from a settlement?” and “What are the costs, including my personal injury lawyer’s fees?” These are valid concerns because the truth is that personal injury cases can vary significantly, and so can the amounts victims ultimately receive.  Understanding […]