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Why Insurance Companies Don’t Pay Out

If you’ve ever been involved in a personal injury case, you may have experienced the frustration of receiving an initial settlement offer from the insurance company that is significantly lower than what you believe your case is worth. This can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when you’re already dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath […]

Ramy Joudeh and Brett Kuller get injured client nearly $1,000,000 for car accident

We strive to ensure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve for the injuries they have suffered due to the negligence of others. Recently, Ramy Joudeh and Brett Kuller were able to secure a $750,000.00 settlement on behalf of their client. Our client was a passenger in a vehicle who was struck by another […]

What you can do before a personal injury case consultation

Suffering a personal injury is always regrettable, but it can feel even more unfair when someone else’s actions are to blame. Dealing with the aftermath is never easy, but there is a legal avenue to seek compensation. Choosing not to pursue this option simply doesn’t make sense, as it would let the at-fault party off […]

How we got our client $400k for her injuries

A property owner’s negligence can be held liable when a dangerous condition on their property causes harm to an individual. This type of personal injury case, which includes dangerous conditions on a property, encompasses a wide range of potential hazards, such as falling debris from a roof, nails left on the property after construction, poorly […]

Ramy Joudeh and Brett Kuller win $850,000 settlement for victim of an intersection car crash

Even minor car crashes, such as low-speed collisions or fender benders, can cause serious injuries. Being in a car is not exactly natural for people. Due to the forces involved in a car crash, a collision at even a low speed can cause significant damage. Common injuries from minor car crashes include whiplash, back and […]

Ramy Joudeh and Brett Kuller secure $1.5 Million settlement for Brooklyn pedestrian

Pedestrian Accident Leads to Million Dollar Settlement for Client Pedestrian accidents are a serious issue in New York City, where the population density and heavy traffic can make walking a dangerous activity. According to data from the New York City Department of Transportation, there were over 15,000 pedestrian injuries and over 220 deaths due to […]

How do you know if you’ve got a premises liability case?

Most people consider personal injury cases to normally consist of car accidents and the like. However, many folks are injured every year in what’s considered premises liability cases. What is a premises liability case? This is a type of personal injury case that occurs when someone’s unsafe or defective property causes an injury. This includes […]